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DH-Q3-D automatic canning machine (single row and double filling)

Brief description <br /> This equipment is based on our company's long-term practice in the field of powder canning, abandoning the original turntable can feeding design concept, and a newly designed double station canning machine. The single-row main and auxiliary double-head filling system and the tank feeding system ensure high accuracy while eliminating the disadvantages of the inconvenient cleaning of the rotary table tank feeding system. Mainly completed high-precision filling measurement. Can be combined with other equipment to form a complete canned assembly line, suitable for canned milk powder, protein powder, chicken powder, glucose, rice flour, cocoa powder, solid beverages, etc.

Main features <br /> Single-row and double-head filling, main filling and supplementary filling ensure high filling accuracy.
The servo and pneumatic system control the tank holding and horizontal walking tank, and the positioning is accurate and fast.
Servo motor and servo drive control screw, stable performance and high precision.
All stainless steel structure; horizontally opened material box (polished inside and outside), easy to clean.
PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface display, easy operation.
Weighing system with high response speed guarantees high filling speed and high precision.
The filling head is equipped with a hand wheel to adjust the height, which makes it easy to fill the seed tank.
Equipped with dust removal device, connected to negative pressure pipeline, no dust pollution environment.
Horizontal straight structure, small footprint, easy to clean.
Fixed screw installation structure, no metal pollution when canned.
Work flow: entering the tank → supporting the tank → vibration → filling filling → vibration → vibration → weighing feedback → supplementary filling → checkweighing, out-of-tolerance rejection → out of the tank.
With complete line central control system.

The main parameters

Measurement method

Twin screw filling head metering

Canned weight


Container size

Φ60-135mm; H 60-260mm

Canning accuracy

100-500g, ≤ 1g; ≥500g, ≤ 2g

Canning speed

Above 50 cans / min (# 502 cans), above 55 cans / min (# 300 ~ # 401)

power supply

3P AC208-415V 50 / 60Hz

Total power

3.4 kw

Total Weight


Compressed air

6kg / cm 0.2cbm / min

Machine volume

2650 1040 2300mm

Container volume

50L (main) 25L (replenishment)

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